Orting Jr. Wrestling
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Cougars and coaches

Orting Junior Wrestling is committed to developing champions both on and off the mat. We believe a champion is one who lives by high ideals, knows how to set realistic goals, and to dedicate themselves toward achieving them. The goal of the program is to make the wrestling experience enjoyable, educational and enriching. Pursuant to this philosophy, we will expect our athletes, wrestling personnel, parents and coaches to represent our program and community in an acceptable fashion at all times.

    Head coach: Clint thomas

    Assistants:  jeff behnke
                        dennis evanger
                        mark pike
                        george harding
                        Jerome Dickson
         Tom Lawson
  Shane howdeshell
  Brian bodaine

8 and under
8 and under WEIGHT class: 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, 63, 69, 78, 90 and 110 lbs

9 and over
  9 and over WEIGHT class: 57, 60,63, 66, 69, 73, 77, 81, 86, 91, 96,                                                  103, 110, 120, 145 and 175 lb

up and comers

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